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We are the first company to provide products (FOOD) with the latest technology applied in any area, industry and providing field services for the greater good of human beings
and their loved ones. Pinntar looking for innovation to your wellness.

Pinntar innovation is not only a company it´s  a mentality, a way of life and the founders raised since its inception have products with higher quality materials and user benefits
that handle final.

The areas are: Food, Health, Industrial, Entertainment, Technology and Biotechnology.

We are the first to give the assurance that when using our products will have the confidence and the study of a group of specialists in various areas such as, engineering,
bioengineering, medicine , agro-engineering, design, and others who have researched and tested the design standards and health from the countries where our products and
the highest standards of health México.

We are convinced that all products are currently distributed in department stores will appreciated by your loved ones and give them peace, welfare and especially family value
in each of your choices for gifts. In Pinntar believe that the best of life ... is to give life time so you can enjoy with whom he would want.